Corporate social responsibility events shouldn't be boring. Incentive trips shouldn't be seen as boondoggles. But how to design a program that is compelling and doesn't take all of your time to manage? 

Less than a decade ago, corporate social responsibility activities were unheard of during conferences and events. Today, a majority of event organizers are including them in their program. The most popular form of social responsibility for meetings is a community or legacy project. Community projects fall into the “Feel Good, Look Good” category of CSR, where the projects contribute to a sustainable cause and provide promotional benefits to the sponsoring organization. In addition, they provide the personal experiences participants are now craving during conferences. However, they can be time-intensive for the event planner. This information sessions provides the event manager with options on how to find the right CSR partner and what to expert for a successful program:

What you'll walk away with:

  • *How to design an event program that turns your attendees into participants
    *Learn the basics of running an international CSR event with a partner and how to measure success
    *Learn tactical tips for how you can make sure your event is connected to the best quality possible

CMP Domain : Event and Meeting Design

Original Recording Date: December 2, 2019
Presenter: Whitney Hendley


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