March 19-21, 2021

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Dr. Jay Strack

President & Founder of SLU

Emily Pigott

Executive Director of SLU
Sean McDowell headshot resized SLU

Dr. Sean McDowell

Worldview Expert

Jeff Wallace

Executive Director of LIFT Tour & YPS

Brent Crowe, PH.D

Vice President of SLU

Program Schedule

Eastern Standard Time (EST)


Friday, March 19th 

Excellence in All Things
The foundation of a leadership journey well-traveled is to discover how to achieve excellence while rising above mediocrity. In this session, we will discover how to soar like an eagle and avoid the pitfalls of mediocrity.
Session two
Developing a Biblical Worldview
Understanding the truth of Scripture and learning how to use that truth to navigate life is a key component is learning to lead as Jesus lead. In this session you will learn how to see and process the world around you through the grid of Scripture.
Break for Dinner
Session three
Components of the Leadership Journey | Definitions of Leadership
There are essential components that are needed in order to navigate the leadership journey in a way that exemplifies a strong foundation. In this session we will discover the seemingly small best practices of leadership and discern the powerful impact they have on the journey.
Speaker Q & A
with Jeff Wallace & Dr. Jay Strack
Submit your questions and they might be answered LIVE by one of our speakers!

Saturday, March 20th 

Session four
Swallow the Big Frog First
It is the high-capacity person who is willing to do the hard, most distasteful and difficult tasks first. In this session we are going to learn a simple idea that will have a momentous and compounding impact on your leadership journey.
Session five
The Spirit of Unless
Ability and talent will only get you so far in your leadership journey. Unless a generation of people decide they will be part of a coalition determined to doing good (salt) in the name of Jesus (light) then nothing will change. In this session we will discover the motivating factors of those who change the world.
Session six
Time Management
In this session, we are going to learn about the significance of time management and the impact it has upon setting your life on a positive trajectory. One of the most important questions you can ever ask yourself as a leader is: “How am I redeeming my time?"
Break for lunch
Session seven
Dream it. Do it.
You were created to be creative and to dream big, God-sized dreams. In this session you will be equipped to answer a life-altering question, “What would you do for the glory of God if you knew you wouldn’t fail?”
Shark in the Mirror
One of the most important leadership skills is the ability to build positive and lasting relationships. In this session, we will discover how the characteristics of sharks can help us identify needed areas of improvement in our own lives as we unpack how to navigate a relational approach to leadership.
DNA of a Dolphin
Building positive and lasting relationships is one of the most important leadership skills one can attain. In this session we will use the strong relational characteristics of dolphins as a blueprint to follow to build strong bonds that can stand the test of time.
Art of Self Leadership
Have you ever wondered why people behave in certain ways? Normal human emotions lead to behavioral differences among people as they navigate situations. In this session, you will discover your uniqueness and how you can uniquely influence.

Sunday, March 21st

session eleven
Awaken to a fresh, yet tried and true, approach to holistically caring for that which has been entrusted to you. In this session, we will explore practical steps that will get you started caring for the temporal while focusing on the eternal.
SESSION twelve
Mind Matters
What is God’s purpose for the mind and how do we become mentally tough? In this session we will define the mind, learn how to maintain a healthy mindset, debunk some mind myths, and learn to become mentally ready.
Session thirteen
You were created to have an impact on this world and to use the gifts and talents given to you by God to leave a lasting legacy for His glory. In this session you will be equipped to discover your role in helping to answer the question, “What might the world look like if God got His way?”

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