In times of uncertainty, CSR is vital. But how do you deliver an exceptional event in a virtual or hybrid way?

In 2020, the “social” element of Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, has become an overwhelming challenge. How can your organization or event still benefit from increased employee engagement, rise in customer loyalty, and positive publicity when CSR is itself a challenge?

In this session, Bryan Ware, Founder and President of The Crayon Initiative, will explore the lessons learned from almost a decade of working with companies like HBO, Visa, Cisco, and Vodafone to bring free crayons to 240+ hospitals across all 50 states. Discover how to think outside the Crayon Box and embrace the opportunities that come from the CSR challenges you’re facing.

What you'll learn:

  • -Best practices for CSR events, in person, hybrid, or completely virtual
  • - How to convince your leadership that virtual is valuable and impactful
  • - How to find and vet CSR partners who will help you achieve your goals

CMP Domain: Strategic Planning

Original Recording Date: July 28, 2020


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