It's more fun to participate than watch. So why leave attendees out of all the fun?

We can all agree it’s more fun to participate than to only watch, so why would we ask attendees to stay attendees when they could become participants in the action? We’ll examine strategies, approaches and technologies that can be deployed to help meet business, brand, sales and marketing objectives for your events, while building stronger relationships with your audiences. However, they can be time-intensive for the event planner. This webinar, originally published with Connect Meetings will share:

What you'll walk away with:

  • *Understand the differences between events and experiences.
  • *Get basic strategic principles, from portfolio planning to measurement and optimization.
  • *Explore experience design methodologies, including security, experience platform development and journey mapping.
  • *What major brands are doing to drive engagement and become more memorable.
  • *How to personalize experiences at scale.

CMP Domain : Event and Meeting Design

Original Recording Date: Jan 16, 2019
Presenters: Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey


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